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OFAC granted ETA a license in 2000. Since that time we have developed programs for several universities including Bentley University, Boson University, and the Pace University Law School. In addition, we have worked with a broad range of organizations including Mass Humanities, Oxfam, the Nieman Foundation of Harvard University, Joyce Theater Foundation, and Eastern Massachusetts Senior Softball Association.

ETA was called upon by the US State Department to make arrangements in Cuba for Presidential Envoy’s including NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neil and ABT Prima Ballerina Misty Copeland. Other distinguished organizations ETA has worked with include the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), and ESPN’s award winning TV program “30 for 30″.

Governmental regulations allow for a broad range of general licensing opportunities for travel to Cuba. These include purposeful People-to-People Exchange program (OFAC section 515.565b) organized by foundations and other not-for-profit organizations. Accredited colleges and universities (OFAC section 515.565a) are also permitted to offer their students programs of any duration. Churches, Synagogues, and Campus Ministries (OFAC section 515.566) may also travel to Cuba under General Licenses. Athletic teams of varying age groups also join in Friendship Tournaments which ETA regularly organizes in Cuba. (OFAC section 515.567).

ETA provides Management Consulting services for all the organizations it works with to arrange programs in Cuba which comply with relevant OFAC regulations.

Complete information about the regulations which govern travel to Cuba is given on the OFAC Website.

We maintain close working relationships in Cuba with many fine non-governmental institutions including the Ludwig Foundation for the Arts, the independent Cuban Dance Company, Malpaso, the National Chorus of Cuba, the Patronato Synagogue and Caritas Cubanas.

Our groups are regularly briefed by Senior Officials from the US Interest Section in Havana. Lectures and superior guides make sure that each trip offers a genuine learning experience. Meetings with artists, academics, and authors add depth that make each traveler’s experience richer and more personal.

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