Travel legally to Cuba


We have been working with diligence to make sure that we offer travel opportunities to Cuba that comply with the new OFAC travel regulations. We have reviewed the regulations carefully, and have discussed them with officials of the US State Department.

Faculty led programs, Religious Programs, and Public Performance programs such as Friendship Sports Tournaments are allowed to continue without changes.
Other programs may continue, but with a change in focus to comply with the OFAC Regulation “In Support of the Cuban People.”
Cruises are no longer permitted under any condition.
Overall land itineraries will not change as hotels are permitted as long as they do not appear on the OFAC restricted list.
Many activities are allowed under with the “Support of the Cuban People” regulations including dining in private restaurants, attending rehearsals with private dance and musical companies, and visiting artists studios, houses of worship, and private cultural centers.
Shopping is limited to places run by private entrepreneurs and craftsmen.
Visits to Governmental places such as the Capitol Building and the Museum of the Revolution do not appear to comply with the new rules.
Cuban society is undergoing a major if slow moving transition as the government de-centralizes control and opens up to free enterprise. US policy encourages this transition in that it offers new independence to the Cuban People.
Travelers can count on being made to feel extremely welcome in Cuba, and while Cubans do not favor restrictions imposed by US policy to Cuba, they are continuing to be very happy to receive visitors from our country and to extend the hand of friendship.
Travelers will playing a small but important part during this transitional period. All will have an experience which is both eye-opening and enjoyable.

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